Young Carers’ Forum

Representatives from each club meet once every term, together with at least one member of the leadership team and also at least one Trustee to discuss Romsey Young Carers. The Young Carers' Forum is a place where young carers can:

  • Say what they enjoy about Romsey Young Carers;
  • Share thoughts on anything they think Romsey Young Carers needs to improve;
  • Put forward ideas; and
  • Have an opinion on future plans for Romsey Young Carers.

The Young Carers' Forum began in 2014 and so far, amongst other things, it has discussed or made suggestions about:

  • How the website should be improved;
  • The new Romsey Young Carers logo;
  • How there needs to be more of a focussed activity at the Stepping Stones Club;
  • Fundraising.