Information for parents

How we can help

There are many ways that Romsey Young Carers may be able to help your child or children. Some young carers appreciate that Romsey Young Carers gives a break from responsibilities at home. Others come along for the fun! Romsey Young Carers also:

  • Helps young carers with support in their practical tasks through first aid training, cook days etc;
  • Has staff and volunteers who are able to act as a listening ear;
  • Can, with your permission, liaise with schools to inform them of the situation so we can work together to improve things for your child;
  • Helps young carers understand and talk about what it means to be a young carer.

At Romsey Young Carers we ensure that:

  • Our work is centred around the needs of young carers;
  • Safety of young carers is our paramount priority;
  • All our staff and volunteers are CRB checked and have provided referees;
  • We have a high ratio of helpers to young carers to give each of them the support and care they need;
  • All young carers living in Romsey and the Southern Test Valley are welcome to join the project;
  • We are fully insured for all activties and outings;
  • We follow guidelines and policies as a registered charity.

What we can offer – for your whole family

In recent years Romsey Young Carers has started running whole family events. These have been a huge success, giving parents and children the chance to meet those in a similar situation and it has been great to see our families able to enjoy themselves together.

Although our focus is on the young carers themselves we understand that it is a difficult situation for all family members. We can research and inform you of other agencies and schemes that can provide practical support and/or funding for you and your family.

Romsey Young Carers can also offer:

  • Family Support and advice;
  • Advocating for families with schools and other agencies;
  • Information and contact details of other agencies and opportunites such as holidays and grants;
  • Enjoyable events for family to spend together as a whole;
  • Recognition of the difficulties disability and illness can bring to family life.