Thinking of supporting RYC?

Whether you are an individual, a school, a business, a local organisation, or a charitable trust or foundation you can hopefully find the information you might need on this page. If you can't find what you would like to know, please get in contact.

If you are considering giving time please see the pages on getting involved.

Why support Romsey Young Carers?

Romsey Young Carers is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity (number 1134093). The organisation relies on the generous support of individuals, companies and charitable trusts and foundations to support its work.

Perhaps you have personal experience of being a young carer or you know someone who is a young carer. Whether you have direct experience or not, there are many reasons why to support Romsey Young Carers.

Romsey Young Carers:-

  • Builds confidence of young carers;
  • Creates opportunities for young carers;
  • Provides the support that young carers need;
  • Adds value for your donation by drawing upon and encouraging a large body of local volunteers;
  • Changes the lives of young people and their families for the better.

How will donations be used?

Romsey Young Carers is a friendly charity. If you would like to know specifics of where the organisation would plan to spend your donation, or if you have thoughts of your own as to how it should be spent, please pick up the phone. It is also possible, by prearranged appointment, to come and see some of what the charity does.

The charity supports young carers in many different ways. This means that there is a large number of different ways your donation could be used. Examples include:-

  • A donation for sporting or art equipment;
  • Paying for a weekend away;
  • Contributing towards the salary of the Families and Befriender Coordinator;
  • Providing a birthday present for a young carer;
  • Supporting the schools work by funding materials; or
  • Enabling a young carer to go to the cinema with a befriender.

How much?

Romsey Young Carers is grateful for any donation, however small or large. All donations make a difference.

By way of a rough guide:-

  • £1 pays for a young carer's popcorn on a befriending trip to the cinema;
  • £5 pays for pots of paint and brushes for a craft activity at the Saturday Club;
  • £20 pays for food for two weeks of clubs;
  • £100 pays for ingredients for 15 young carers taking part in a cooking skills day;
  • £500 pays for a year's supply of materials for use in all the schools support sessions;
  • £1,000 pays for accommodation for 10 young carers on a weekend retreat; and
  • £2,500 pays for activities for the Moving On group for a year.

Life after death

Would you like to make a lasting difference? You might want to consider leaving a gift to Romsey Young Carers in your will. If you are thinking about leaving a sum to Romsey Young Carers, please do contact us to discuss it.

Policies and accounts

You can request copies of our policies by giving us a call.

The most recent independently inspected annual accounts are available on the Charity Commission website. If you would like details of our finances please contact us.