What volunteers at RYC do

Romsey Young Carers relies on fantastic volunteers to help provide enjoyable activities and support for the young carers. The charity would not exist without it's volunteers. Some volunteers give a few hours every few months, others are able to do a lot more. The ages of Romsey Young Carers' volunteers range from 16 to 75+ and they are from all walks of life.

As a volunteer with the project you could be:

  • Helping at clubs – playing games or creating some art with the children or young people; listening to a young person; and/ or helping with the food;
  • Helping out on activities and events including supervising them on fun outings (often with the chance to have a go on many of the rides / activities yourself); or
  • Transporting young carers to clubs, outings and events.

Whatever you could be doing, you will be making a difference to a young person who needs support.

You can end up helping in all sorts of ways. I help at the junior club. One week I might spend all my time helping with crafts, the next time I could be preparing food. I may end up playing football or I might be listening to a young carer, worried for their mum who is in hospital again. - Neil, Volunteer

Or on a more occasional basis you could be involved with:

  • Helping with or hosting fundraising events for the project;
  • Baking a birthday cake for a young carer;
  • Sharing a hobby or interest with young carers at club;
  • Assisting with office or IT tasks;
  • Helping with BBQs and picnics;
  • Running a stall for fundraising or publicity events; or
  • Helping us organise Christmas presents for the children and young people
And almost anything else you care to imagine!