As a charity it is important that all funding and resources are put to the best possible use and the board of trustees is in place to oversee the running of the organisation and ensure that this is the case.

The trustees are also highly skilled professionals in their chosen fields and have a great wealth of skills and knowledge to bring to the overall management of Romsey Young Carers.

The board is headed up by the chairman Dr Mike Celinski who has volunteered with Romsey Young Carers for several years. Janet Chierchia MBE is the overall manager and treasurer. Janet has worked in the charity sector for many years. Our secretary is Neil Sharman who is a long standing volunteer and club helper.

Councillor Ian Hibberd provides a link for the organisation with Test Valley. Anne Meader, is also a trustee of Romsey and District Carers Forum, the parent charity that Romsey Young Carers originally branched out from.

Other trustees are Gillian Humphries, Wendy Morrish and Dr Elizabeth Richardson, each of whom volunteer with Romsey Young Carers at clubs and/or through befriending.

List of Trustees

  • Dr Mike Celinski (Chair);
  • Janet Chierchia MBE (Hon. Treasurer);
  • Neil Sharman (Hon. Secretary);
  • Cllr Ian Hibberd;
  • Gillian Humphries;
  • Anne Meader;
  • Wendy Morrish; and
  • Dr Elizabeth Richarson.